Ready for presentation tools?

Hi gang!  We hope that you enjoyed discovering some new bookmarking tools last week.  It has been great to read your blog posts and to see the conversations beginning among you.  What a fabulous and eclectic group you are! Writers, quilters, triathletes, genealogists, musicians and many a working mother.  Remember that we are always here to help or commiserate with as you continue along this learning path.

And now, welcome to Week 3: Presentation Tools.   This week, we will be sharing two really easy to use and fun tools, Jing and VoiceThread.  Both are well suited to use in a classroom and can be used not only for presentation, but for collaboration as well.  Jing is a screencasting tool and VoiceThread is basically a multimedia conversation.  We hope that you will quickly see how these tools can be used in your instruction.  Enjoy!

About bajacarr

I am an accidental kindergarten teacher and a world traveler (well, world resident, really)as well as a runner, tennis player, and animal and kid lover. I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia and am learning to speak Bahasa and to navigate in this crazy, wonderful, complicated place!

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