Week 8 – Survey Tools

Welcome to Week 8 – Survey Tools – the final week of the EYT program! This week, we bring you more tools to change and enhance the way you collaborate with others. You will be introduced to Doodle, Survey Monkey and Google Forms. Try one or try them all!  Whether you’re trying to organize a meeting or trying to gather feedback and/or data, these tools will be of great help.  Stop in and check them out sometime this week and let us know what you think!  Though this is the final official week of the program, of course we encourage you to continue your 2.0 education when it is most convenient for you.  There’s no end to the beautiful journey of learning!  Have a great week!

About bajacarr

I am an accidental kindergarten teacher and a world traveler (well, world resident, really)as well as a runner, tennis player, and animal and kid lover. I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia and am learning to speak Bahasa and to navigate in this crazy, wonderful, complicated place!

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