List of all participants/links to their own blogs here

The Adventures of Libeary Girl



The Geeky Librarian Blog




Lifelong Learning Librarian

Marie the Librarian


The Musical Librarian

Read to Them

Write Here, Write Now

3 thoughts on “Participants

  1. How do you follow these blogs? I clicked on follow at the top of my own blog page, but them I don’t know how to look at these blogs again without coming to the participants page. Sorry I think I am a few days behind!

    • You can set up an RSS feed, and subscribe to each of the blogs (and any others you’d like to follow). Here’s a link to some RSS instructions from our course at SJSU:

      So far, we don’t have a course activity feed set up for Expand Your Toolkit. (There are links under “Metadata” in the right column for posts and comments on this site, but not for the participant blogs listed above.) Someone will comment here if/when a feed is created for your blogs.

    • Adding on to Lisa’s information, if you wish you can also go ahead and visit each blog and click the “follow” option at the top. You will get this reply from WordPress for each site:

      “Congratulations, you are now subscribed to the site [the blog] and will receive an email notification when a new post is made.”

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