So long! farewell! …

Hi everyone! It is with mixed feelings that we say ‘good-bye’ to you this week! We have truly enjoyed developing the Expand Your Toolkit program for you as well as sharing your journey through the modules. We have learned and grown as the course progressed and certainly hope that you have too. Our hope is that you will continue to add more web 2.0 tools to your toolkit and, more importantly, that you will continue sharing your learning with others.

If you haven’t found time to finish the course, don’t worry! The site will still be up and available for your use, and while our EYT team will be moving on to other courses and projects, we can still view your blogs and are happy to receive emails from you!

While we definitely do not want to add any more work to your already full plates, we would love to have any feedback you would like to give us regarding your experience with the EYT learning journey. Just send me an email ( that I can pass on to the rest of the team, or share your reflections on your blog.

All the best to you and thank you for a wonderful learning experience!

Barbara, Evan, Jonine, Kari, Karri and Lisa