Week 8 – Survey Tools

Welcome to Week 8 – Survey Tools – the final week of the EYT program! This week, we bring you more tools to change and enhance the way you collaborate with others. You will be introduced to Doodle, Survey Monkey and Google Forms. Try one or try them all!  Whether you’re trying to organize a meeting or trying to gather feedback and/or data, these tools will be of great help.  Stop in and check them out sometime this week and let us know what you think!  Though this is the final official week of the program, of course we encourage you to continue your 2.0 education when it is most convenient for you.  There’s no end to the beautiful journey of learning!  Have a great week!

Week 7 – DropBox and GoogleDocs

Hi gang!  It’s been a little quiet around EYT land this week, but we hope that you have, nonetheless, found the time to check out the great infographic tools that were introduced.   A few of you were able to dip into Dippity, and to put it to use with your students already! You had some useful feedback about it as well. Well done!

This week, we move onto a couple of mighty collaboration tools that will change your life – GoogleDocs and Dropbox. How did we ever live without them?!  It has been with great thanks to GoogleDocs that the Expand Your Toolkit team was able to put together this program for you, despite our being located in several states and three countries!  If you are not already making use of these tools, we think you will quickly find them to be of indispensable value to your professional life.  Enjoy!

Week 6 – Infographics

Hi everyone,

We are onto week 6 this week – three more weeks to go! I noticed that some of you haven’t been blogging this week. I know that the spring gets crazy in schools – term 2 projects, inventories, developing next year’s budget, spending this year’s budget, and so much more. I understand that we can’t always do everything and sometimes we have to choose between two good things.

May I encourage you to keep going on your own professional development? We aren’t going to be able to help our students tomorrow if we fall behind on the new tools today. If you have had to skip a week or two, no worries, just pick a week you are interested in and keep going. Alternately, tell us what you are working on in your blog. This will help you develop the supports you may need to work on that new skill tomorrow.

That’s your pep talk. Now onto Infographics. Infographics are simply the graphics we use to present information. You are already using them all the time – concept maps, Venn diagrams, timelines – all infographics. Just this week I used an infographic I found for a display I was creating on the Middle East. I didn’t create the infographic but I made use of it in my display (with permission). It was such a time saver to use something already developed. My display has been a big hit. The students have been stopping and reading all the statistics located on the poster – and it has started a conversation in their World History course. Infographics are powerful and they can be used with all ages and in all subjects.

So this week, if you work in an elementary school, you may want to try an interactive timeline with Dipity. If you work with middle years or high school students, consider reviewing the variety of ways to present data with Many Eyes. If you don’t have much time this week, spend some time looking at infographics already created. Please let us know what you find. Add them to your blog or link to them so we can share the good ones.

Week 5 – Communication tools

Congratulations! You have made it to the half way mark. So far you have started a blog, tried some social bookmarking – many of you have converted to Pinterest –and have learned about VoiceThread and Jing. Last week was a catch up and play week where we suggested even more cool tools you could try. Hopefully you bookmarked the ALA’s Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning.

As importantly, you are in the process of developing a great community to learn and share with into the future. We have enjoyed reading your blog posts and comments. You have reminded us that learning new things takes time and can be frustrating but your enthusiasm for the new tools and your successes have also been inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

Now onto the new. This week we will be looking at ways of communicating with Google Hangouts and Edmodo. Please note that we suggest that you use a webcam and microphone for this week’s tools, but please don’t be intimidated if you don’t have these. Many computers have built-in microphones and some have webcams also.