Bookmarking this week

Teachers and librarians acquire a lot of stuff over the years. Teachers regularly file lesson plans and other resources they have found that work. Busy instructors know what a time saver reusing or tweaking an already completed plan can be. The probem is finding that resource a month or a year after originally using it.

Good file management skills are so important and yet so time consuming. This is why so many educators have jumped onto the bookmarking bandwagon. Bookmarking is a must in every educators toolkit. Not only can you “file” the great links and resources you find online, you can also network with others to see what their great sites are.

Some of you indicated you have used Delicious for bookmarking in the past. I started with this one too. Now there are so many other options – each with their own pros and cons. So this week, we want to encourage you to check out one or more of the following social bookmarking services; Evernote, Pinterest, and LiveBinder. Join a group or two, create your own bookmarks; see what the tools have to offer. Bookmarking Tools has all the information to get you started.

Which one works the best for you?

Please remember to blog about your experience and provide a link to your work.

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