Week 7 – DropBox and GoogleDocs

Hi gang!  It’s been a little quiet around EYT land this week, but we hope that you have, nonetheless, found the time to check out the great infographic tools that were introduced.   A few of you were able to dip into Dippity, and to put it to use with your students already! You had some useful feedback about it as well. Well done!

This week, we move onto a couple of mighty collaboration tools that will change your life – GoogleDocs and Dropbox. How did we ever live without them?!  It has been with great thanks to GoogleDocs that the Expand Your Toolkit team was able to put together this program for you, despite our being located in several states and three countries!  If you are not already making use of these tools, we think you will quickly find them to be of indispensable value to your professional life.  Enjoy!

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