About Us

We wanted to let you know who we are and how this project came to be.

To begin with, we are graduate students from San Jose State University. As part of our coursework for LIBR 281-12, Seminar in Contemporary Issues: Transformative Learning and Technology Literacies, and under direction of our professor, Michael Stephens, we have created this blog to support the librarians of Oswego County BOCES in learning various Web 2.0 tools.

Based on the Learning 2.0: 23 Things model developed for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library System by Helene Blowers, our adaptation has incorporated some new tools specifically chosen for their potential value for classrooms and school libraries.

Barbara (bajacarr) joined the program at SJSU SLIS while working at the elementary school library of American School in Japan in Tokyo.  One thing leads to another and now she is joyfully ensconced in teaching kindergarten to children from 11 different countries at Jakarta International School in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Experiencing the challenge and wonder of learning new languages and cultures has always been one her favorite things to do.  Way back when, the journey was of the imagination, with the help of great books.  Now the books come along for the very real ride around the planet.  In addition to her love of libraries and crazy, wonderful kinder kids, Barbara spends her time running, playing tennis, climbing the occasional mountain and relishing every moment of life in the tropics. She has a hubby, two 20-something sons, 2 Japanese street cats and a formerly starving, but now fat, sassy and gorgeous, golden retriever.

Evan (navenoslarc) is in his last year at SJSU and is Collection Development Assistant Librarian at a small arts college in southern California. He regularly explores ways applying web 2.0 technology and social media in promoting his library’s new acquisitions and collection highlights to the college community. His analog hobbies include recreational study of typography and graphic design, filling black sketchbooks with ideational doodles, recording textbooks for the blind & dyslexic, is a baker of bread and occasionally cookies (the food not the wee text files!).  His two ‘tween children are digital native iPhone gamers who enjoy Plants vs. Zombies among others.

Jonine (djonineb) is the librarian in a private all-boys school in Canada. As a teacher, she is regularly evaluating the educational merit of Web 2.0 tools. Her focus is on how the tools work with students who, although defined as digital natives, are often not very savvy about Web applications and best practice. Jonine is also actively involved in promoting literacy in the community as a reviewer of Canadian children’s book and by sitting on the board of several community based literacy initiatives. In the real world, Jonine is mother of three beautiful and active teenagers.

Karri (khalderson) is in her last semester at SJSU SLIS. She is about to begin her new job working at a medical health sciences library!  She has a Bachelor’s in History and lives in Idaho with her husband, two kids, and labrador.  Karri loves working with technology and research and has a strong affinity for customer privacy and unfettered access to information for all.  She is very excited to work with the Oswego County BOCES teacher-librarians on this project.

Lisa (lisahubbel) is halfway through specializing in Youth and Teacher Librarianship, after a 20-year career as a museum evaluator. Along the way, she has taught grad school in Museum Studies, and worked at a college music library, a folk music coffeehouse, and museums across the U.S. and Canada. Volunteer gigs on the way to the next paraprofessional library job include facilitating a teen advisory group at a public library, presenting thematic music programs at preschools, and story reading at a Head Start Center. She’s also a songwriter and a knitter, as is her teenage daughter.

Kari (alittletaller) is nearing the end of her Master’s program at SJSU, and prior to that received her Bachelor’s in English from Cal State Fullerton, although she also studied part of her undergrad at Humboldt State in the beautiful Redwoods of Northern California. She is currently working on her first novel, after having spent most of her formative writing years primarily focused on poetry and short stories. The primary driving force in her life is the constant exploration of knowledge through experience and human connection, and how all this is recreated, documented and shared amongst ourselves via the power of words. Her dream job is to be employed by the Huntington Library and Gardens in San Marino, CA, in any number of positions there. But she’ll also settle for any other place that would let her work to share her love of life and learning while being surrounded by a similar myriad of history, literature and aesthetic beauty.

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