Intro to the Program

The home page is currently filled by posts…most recent showing first. We can either make the home page a static page with general info about the program, or keep it as posts and use this area to give program updates as everything progresses. If the latter, then we can make a static page in the main navigation that gives greater detail about what this is all about.

About alittletallertoday

My name is Kari. I'm 24, born in Texas but raised in Orange County my whole life basically, but don't judge a book by its cover (or by the cliche's I use, either). I graduated with my Bachelor's in English from Cal State Fullerton and have yet to figure out what I am actually going to do with that degree. Still not too sure if all those student loans were even worth it. Don't get me wrong, I love school, well, education in general, but in this dilapidated economy the old mantra that you have to go to college to make something of yourself isn't seeming to work out too well. So I've decided to share my innermost thoughts and ideas with the world, and maybe something will come of that instead.

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